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Septic tank drain field system installation in Cantonment, FL

Lift stations are used to move wastewater from lower to higher elevations, particularly where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow and/or when the use of gravity conveyance will result in excessive excavation depths and high sewer construction costs. 

Lift stations are used to reduce the capital cost of sewer system construction. When gravity sewers are installed in trenches deeper than three meters (10 feet), the cost of sewer line installation increases significantly because of the more complex and costly excavation equipment and trench shoring techniques required. The size of the gravity sewer lines is dependent on the minimum pipe slope and flow. Pumping wastewater can convey the same flow using smaller pipeline sizes at a shallower depth, thereby, reducing pipeline costs.

Compared to sewer lines where gravity drives wastewater flow, lift stations require a source of electric power. If the power supply is interrupted, flow conveyance is discontinued and can result in flooding upstream of the lift station, It can also interrupt the normal operation of the downstream wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities. This limitation is typically addressed by providing an emergency power supply. 


Key disadvantages of lift stations include the high cost to construct and maintain and the potential for odors and noise. Lift stations also require a significant amount of power, are sometimes expensive to upgrade, and may create public concerns and negative public reactions.


The low cost of gravity wastewater conveyance and the higher costs of building, operating, and maintaining lift stations means that wastewater pumping should be avoided, if possible and technically feasible. Wastewater pumping can be eliminated or reduced by selecting alternative sewer routes or extending a gravity sewer using direction drilling or other state-of-the-art deep excavation methods. If such alternatives are viable, a cost-benefit analysis can determine if a lift station is the most viable choice. 

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