Referral Program

At Xtreme Plumbing and Septic we strive for customer satisfaction. We understand that the single most important aspect in our industry is word of mouth. That is why we are so thankful to have so many recommendations through our Google and Facebook, Hearing back from all of our customers is what makes us an overall better company. And our employees love to feel appreciated for all of that hard work they put into every job. That is why we have decided to start this referral program, to reward our customers and show them how much we truly appreciate their recommendations. 

*Referrals are only good for the first initial job of that particular customer and must be entered into the form below

*The average septic system & plumbing referral will lead to a $150 reward

*Referral reward amounts are based on the total value of the service done

*Existing customers can not be referred due to he/she already being a customer

What we are offering:

  • We will pay up to $350 for a referral for a new septic system installation

  • We will pay up to $350 for a referral for a large plumbing job

  • We will pay $15 for a referral for a septic tank pump-out 

  • We will pay $15 to $250 for a referral for portable toilets

Thanks for submitting!